Over 10 years of research in the optimisation of latticed microstructures and variable density surface skins combined with advanced forms of Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence has resulted in a new set of tools and design rules.

Within, now part of Autodesk Inc, is an engineering design software and consulting company, based in London, that has created software and CAD designs which constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of additive manufacturing.

At the core of our technology lies a powerful optimisation engine which takes input parameters such as desired weight requirements, maximum stress and displacement. It is then able to create an optimised component design with a variable density lattice structure and surface skin which meets your exact specification. Your optimised components can then be manufactured using one of many additive manufacturing machines (plastics or metals) to create products which perform beyond expectations.

Within’s current suite of technologies can make your products exhibit properties that were previously unachievable. Your product can be made lighter-weight while still being stiff in some regions or more flexible in others.

To find out more please contact us at within.info@autodesk.com.