New Lab announces new technology partners

New Lab, which houses Within’s New York Office has announced partnerships with some global innovators in the advanced and sustainable manufacturing sector:

Macro Sea’s rendering of New Lab

EOS, who will provide top of the range 3-D printers;


Autodesk, who have pledged to provide New Lab tenants with access to Autodesk software for free;


3-D Systems, who are providing tenants with access to their Cube X printer; and,



Ultimaker, who have donated one of their signature 3D desktop printers.


These partnerships will help provide all New Lab tenants with the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Praise for New Lab

New Lab, which houses our New York office, has received praise recently in both the New York Times, and Co.Exist for acting as a stimulus to the city’s ailing manufacturing sector.

New Lab featured in New York Times

New Lab featured in Co.EXIST.

You can read Patrick McGeehan’s article here; and Sarah Krasley’s article here; discussing New Lab as a front runner in the revitalisation of manufacturing industry, both in New York, and also the wider United States.


New Lab represented at New York Ideas Conference

The Second New York Ideas Conference hosted tenants from New Lab, including Within; to discuss “how creatives are adopting the capability of 3-D printing”.


You can watch the thought-provoking presentation and Q&A session here, as the panel discuss how creatives and artists are utilising the ever-increasing capabilities of 3-D printing; and what the future holds for the creative industries making use of this technology.


Within supports New Lab at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Macro Sea’s Visualisation of New Lab

Within Technologies is proud to announce its involvement in the New Lab Project, funded by Brooklyn Navy Yard and overseen by MacroSea.

New Lab has been described as “A cutting-edge facility that will promote design and manufacturing innovation using the latest in environmentally-conscious processes and machinery. Through traditional tenancies and co-working spaces, New Lab will encourage the collaboration between design and fabrication by hosting a dynamic mix of designers, digital manufacturers, architects, graduate research facilities, and others in a hive of sustainable design and innovation.”

To open our first US office while playing a part in “revitalising the city’s manufacturing base” is a brilliant prospect for Within and we look forward to providing updates of the project’s progress here.

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